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The Coronation jewels

The Coronation jewels were splendid and so was The Queen's smile as she looked at the crown of St Edward for the first time since 1953 and relived her Coronation.

We were sorry that her Coronation Oath received short shrift in the programme. In our book Share the Inheritance we explain how the Oath was created by St Dunstan, a poet, ironworker and visionary, in Britain a thousand years ago.

Here is that first Oath, sworn by King Edgar in AD 973 –

“First that the church of God and the whole Christian people shall have true peace at all time by our judgment; second, that I will forbid extortion and all kinds of wrong-doing to all orders of men; third, that I will enjoin equity and mercy in all judgments.”

Our Queen's oath was not much different.

The history of freedom features the repeated efforts of the people to hold rulers to their sworn oaths.