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Claire Hollingsworth - amazing and steadfast

Claire Hollingsworth
, who has died at 105 in Hong Kong, "combined a professional determination to dig out world news with a practical compassion for the sufferings of humanity."

She sent the first reports that Nazi Germany had invaded and she saved the lives of thousands of refugees.

". . . Kate Adie, the veteran BBC war correspondent said Hollingworth was "a pioneer" for women in journalism who did not stop after her great scoop, when on to have a "a lifetime of journalism, full of adventure, good stories and terrific attention to detail and fact.

"She was a role model, without being aware of it. In the sense that she loved the job and had a terrific zest for journalism right to the end of her life. In her 90s she followed the news. I met her. Several times. When she was in her 70s and still with an eye on China and I remember going to the Foreign Correspondents club in Hong Kong and someone saying 'there's a legend upstairs'.

Robert Fox, the Telegraph's former defence and chief foreign correspondent, described Hollingworth as "amazing and steadfast".

"After the Falklands I remember she took me to lunch and asked me about the state of British Army. She used to take the trouble to come over to me, she was always interested and took a great deal of interest in younger reporters. She never put on side, and she regarded old and young in the whole business as kindred spirits."

She never shied from danger. She could look evil in the face and describe it.

Ave atque vale.