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Every day we rejoice

That Britain's people--voted for freedom, they voted for self-government, they voted responsibly to leave the EU.

True, the referendum was a close-run thing, with 51.9 per cent voting Leave against 48.1 per cent for Remain. But look at the distribution of the vote around the country, constituency by Parliamentary constituency, and a remarkable picture emerges.

If Leave had been a political party standing at a General Election, according to a study at the University of East Anglia, it would have won a thumping landslide of 421 seats — 65 per cent of all seats (including Scotland) and 73 per cent in England and Wales.

Perhaps this is one reason why "Brexit means Brexit".

Every day we pray that Teresa May is the woman we think she is. Thank heaven she is not a member of the business-as-usual-boys' club.