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MAGNA CARTA LIBERTATUM - the Great Charter of Liberty - stands between the individual and darkness, between us and those who are cruel, unfair, corrupt and powerful.

Those who love Magna Carta hate oppression and the poverty it engenders. Those who love Magna Carta want freedom and fair play for everyone.

English, Scots, and Welsh were the first to risk their lives to establish Magna Carta. They were joined later by Americans and by people around the world who refuse to let freedom, common law, and fair play die.

The Welsh and Scottish contributions are undervalued. So are the contributions of Christian teaching, Londoners, bishops, and English earls.

They are ignored in modern reports. This BBC report shows how they continue to be forgotten today.

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Out of the seed of Magna Carta, planted so long ago, would come free speech and free association, freedom of conscience, democratic representation, equality between men and women, and protection from oppression.

Not a bad harvest . . .

Fair play is the beating heart of Magna Carta.