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Ross Was Right


Ross McWhirter, the brilliant co-founder of the Guinness Book of Records.

Covenant Publishing Company has just released the second edition of ROSS WAS RIGHT.

Ross McWhirter was assassinated in November 1975 by IRA gunmen, though these were not the only men gunning for him.

Before he died he had gone to court to defend Britain's democracy and common law. He contended that Britain's membership in the EEC, now the EU, was illegal and unconstitutional.

The book ROSS WAS RIGHT features Ross's remarkable address to the 54th Annual Congress of the British-Israel World Federation, 'The Queen Betrayed'; Michael Clark's riveting account of the attempt made in 1972 to inform The Queen that she had been deliberately deceived about the EU; and the reasons why Ross went to court.

The law lords rejected his appeal. Since then they have grown nervous about the weird, unconstitutional settlement which pretends Britain is a sovereign state while the EU dictates more than half of Britain's laws and takes billions of pounds from Britain's people every year.

ROSS WAS RIGHT describes the birthright of Britain's people, which the law lords should have protected.

The book's implications are huge. It makes a compelling contribution to the debate on Europe. That debate is not theoretical. How it is settled will affect the cost of homes, the preservation or destruction of animals, birds, and green country, and the ability of British people to earn a living wage.

You can order ROSS WAS RIGHT here.

(Note of self-interest: Our book Share the Inheritance is mentioned.)