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Andy Murray triumphs - shows what it takes, shows it can be done


Image: Telegraph/ EDDIE MULHOLLAND

HE WORKED HARD FOR YEARS, completely reshaping his physique.



HE NEVER GAVE UP, never succumbed to the general assumption he'd always be just second best.

HE HAD A GREAT COACH in Czech/American 'hitting hot' Ivan Lendl, who won eight grand slams. Lendl gave Andy two precious gifts - honesty and toughness.

GRACE. Andy knows the agony of losing. He gave a kind, a tender hand to Novak Djokovic, the World No. 1, after he defeated him yesterday on Wimbledon's sunny Centre Court.

We're thrilled Murray, a Brit, won Wimbledon.

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angela plowman:

I concur with all you wrote about Andy Murray and was priviledged to have seen that last game with thousands of others on Murray mount! Had tickets for number one court but decided to leave the court as the score on centre was relayed to us and along with many others left our seats and made a mad dash for the mount! Great atmosphere and so lucky to have witnessed (albeit on the big screen) a proud moment in British sporting history. Yes, hard work does pay off finally and very well done Andy! (Food for thought though...had the match taken place after the Scottish referendum and had the Scots voted for independence, Murray would not have been a Brit!

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