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The History of English Patriotism

An email from Sean McCormack -

I always enjoy dipping into your website – and have recommended it to several people.

Good to see the item about Arthur Grimble’s A Pattern of Islands. I remember my English master at Lancing College taking our class through it. That would have been in about 1960!

Here’s another book urgently in need of being re-discovered. I think this month is probably the exact centenary of the publication (in 1913) of Esme Wingfield-Stratford’s astonishing The History of English Patriotism. It shows an amazing breadth of knowledge – even more remarkable when you realise its author was only 30 at the time.

Wingfield-Stratford covers, in two large volumes, our whole national history from the departure of the Roman Legions to the death of Edward Vll.

It was re-published in paperback by an American publisher a couple of years ago. (See Amazon below.) It's also available from Book Depository in this country. . .

Alternatively, the first volume (only) can be viewed free on the Internet.

In addition, for any who are members, it can be borrowed from the London Library.

Hope that is helpful.

Every blessing

Sean McCormack

Streatham Hill

Thank you, Sean.

Stratford was a Fellow of King's College, Cambridge. When he wrote, patriotism had not yet become a four-letter word.

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