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The stars of night in England


The sky is stupendous; the night so clear that my frozen breath drifts high above my head and the forest is illuminated by the shimmer of hundreds of thousands of stars. As I trudge up the path following deer prints in the snow, the observatory looms out of the darkness.

As I read this report and the hunt for stars, I wonder what the stars meant hundreds of years ago to people living in England and looking for justice. Even last night, not far from the ancient capital of England, I could see stars glistening in the sky. In 1215, the sky must have been a three-dimensional splendour of stars, for the darkness was far more profound. Did glimpses of the cosmos give the people of 1215 ideas about justice?

We think so, and we explain why in our book Share the Inheritance (see sidebar for book details).

Happy star-gazing.

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