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Rowan Atkinson's latest

So attached are we to Mr Bean, it came as a shock to learn that he has been transformed into Quartermaine. However, all's well that ends well, or in this case, sadly. (In theatre, well-played tragedy is always cause for delight.)

Quartermain's Terms represents the West End at its very best: a great play, beautifully directed and acted by an outstanding cast . . .

Quartermaine’s Terms, first staged in 1981, is perhaps Simon Gray’s finest work, an English drama that can genuinely stand comparison with Chekhov in its ability to combine comedy with a powerful undertow of melancholy and loss.

Rowan Atkinson plays St John Quartermaine brilliantly.

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Angela Plowman:

Just thought I would drop in on BATB as I haven't visited your page in a while. Would love to see Rowan Atkinson in this part on the stage...he is one of our best comic actors but versatile enough to tackle many other genres. I have recently seen on facebook a page I thought you would find very interesting...its The Francis Bacon Research Trust...Its very in-depth info on this enigmatic and fascinating "Brit"!

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