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Dancing prematurely on Christianity's grave

">Melanie Phillips -

. . .After last week’s census details which showed that Christianity in Britain is in decline, [Richard] Dawkins rejoiced that it was ‘on the way out in this country’.

Well, this is tantamount to rejoicing that Britain and western civilisation are on the way out. For Christianity underpins their most fundamental moral values — ones that both believers and non-believers hold dear, such as the difference between right and wrong, respect for other people and doing good things rather than bad.

It is also woven into Britain’s literature, art, music, history and national identity.

What’s more, despite the decline in believers, nearly two-thirds of the population still describe themselves as Christian. If Britain stops being a mainly Christian country, then it will stop being recognisably Britain.

It is not just Dawkins and his followers, however, who are dancing prematurely on Christianity’s grave. . .

Read the whole thing. Melanie Phillips is a treasure.

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the atheist is the true believer for without evidence that human beings understand the full spectrum of existence or intelligence they steadfastly cling to the notion that they have a pretty good bead on things. Religious people on the other hand struggle with what ifs, doubts, and uncertainty. The writer David Goldman commented that it isn't the end of the world, just the end of you (meaning the west)

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