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We need lions

On election day 2012 in America, a country which Winston Churchill loved, the last volume in William Manchester's superb 3-volume biography, arrived.

"This new sweeping third volume covers Churchill's life beginning with his ascension to the office of Prime Minister in 1940. It focuses upon the WW II years, follows Churchill during the years between 1945 and his second period as Prime Minister from 1951 -- 1955, and concludes with Churchill's years of comparative retirement up to his death. The biography was a near lifetime project for Manchester (1922-2004). Manchester had researched the third volume of the trilogy, prepared well-organized and voluminous notes, and done some of the writing. Near the end of his life, however, he realized he would be unable to complete the third volume, and selected journalist Paul Reid to complete the work." - Paul Friedman, Amazon

Manchester and Reid reveal Winston in all his glory, courage, and eccentricity. Another reader, identified only as Raoul, writes,

"I've read thousands of pages on Churchill, but even I found some good new anecdotes and quotations here. After that we're hurled right into the middle of the most dramatic days of World War Two. The unexpected, catastrophic defeats; the incompetence and perfidy of the people in charge of France - it doesn't take much from a writer to make this an exciting story, and yet I don't think it has ever been told better than this."

Winston Churchill's refusal to accept defeat, and allow the victorious to make slaves of the defeated, is the quality we love best.

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