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Meeting future power needs

Concern about Britain's ability to meet future power needs has been growing. Part of the problem, of course, is the government's efforts to drag down the country with foreign entanglements. Hugh Jones, who worked on fusion power and nuclear engineering research, sent this note -

The following important facts should not be overlooked. A little history of energy productions shows that Britain was a leading world power in electricity generation by any and all means at one time:

1. Pioneered all steam engines for all purposes.

2. Introduced turbo-alternator capability.

3. Pioneered nuclear power and weapons - Tube Alloys 1939, World's first commercial nuclear power station 1957 and the world's first thermonuclear power producer -JET.

4. Initiated and followed through at Winfrith in Dorset and Dounreay in Scotland a detailed engineering programme assessing practical forms of nuclear power reactors, then abandoned the work.

5. Incredibly "privatised" the Central Electricity Generating Board by sale to FRANCE of 52 percent of its assets.

6. Imperial College developed in-home fuel cell generation with thermal efficiency of 80%, but this was not applied. Developed other forms of in-home and on industrial site generation with recovery of "waste heat" for domestic, processing and other required purposes.

7. Pioneered and applied cogeneration (gas turbine - steam turbine combination ) raising power station thermal efficiency by almost 50%.

The only thing wrong with British power production is our politicians. They need to get out of the way. We need to recover control of our power production from the French and Germans.

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