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"The Grown-up Pleasures of the Hobbit"

2012 marks the 75th year since JRR Tolkein published The Hobbit. I think I may be like many grown-up people, who remember this timeless book arriving in their childhood with sheer happiness. The conflict between Bilbo's cautious, common sense Baggins-side and his bold and adventurous Took was very appealing to a child. But now, grown-up, there may be new pleasures in store, best explored in front of a fire on a stormy weekend.

"The Hobbit is a brilliantly constructed story, unfolding themes that remain all too relevant to the modern world: the nature of evil, the significance of human choice, the corrupting power of greed and the ease with which good people can be drawn into destructive conflict. There is plenty there to entertain children—and even more to draw in adults."

All too relevant, alas! But not without comfort and solace.

And, Tolkien’s illustrations and maps for The Hobbit are now collected in a new volume, The Art of The Hobbit.

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Angela plowman:

Only discovered the writings of Tolkien after I met Bob who introduced me to The Hobbit, then Lord of the Rings (in my early 40s!) Obviously my Eng.Lit teachers were not fans or the books were too fantastical to be on the GCE curriculum in the 1960s?

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