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On the South Downs Way


Saturday on the South Downs Way, a 99-mile route from Winchester to Eastbourne, which was once walked by Bronze Age people.


A combine harvester - reaping, threshing, and winnowing - on the South Downs. This combine was also chopping up straw into a fine dust and returning it to the soil. The history of combines suggests they were invented by men with British names in America, Australia, and Canada. After the Second World War, the Germans began manufacturing them, including this one. Combines have made our food far cheaper. The pre-war communities of people who used to harvest the fields are but a memory.


The image is from The Countryside Remembered.

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Dear Cat and David, I hope that in your walk on the Downs you were able to see 'Piddingworth', on the Stanmer Farm! Of course, it is now a ruin but the stones and foundation still speak of the deeper things.

Such a lovely place the Downs. Very glad that David was able to here present the image of a 'bronzed' man of the modern age!

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