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Religious liberty in Britain: in crisis?

From the Telegraph:

Paul Diamond, a lawyer for Ms Chaplin and Mr McFarlane, accused the British courts of creating “insurmountable hurdles” for Christians to express personal belief and faith.

“The implications go far beyond the individuals. In the United Kingdom, religious people who have followed their convictions in the workplace in the face of overly vague discrimination laws have been sacked, demoted or disciplined. Among them have been doctors, magistrates, teachers, foster parents, therapists and many others,” he said.

“In my respectful submission, the situation for religious liberty in Britain is now critical.”

Britain, whose martyrs willingly died at the stake, burnt alive, to defend religious liberty. Britain, whose people wrote Europe's Convention on Human Rights and its protection of freedom of religion. Britain, a Christian country for at least 1500 years. Britain.

Many are shocked that Britain's Coalition Government does not support the religious freedom of those Christians who are appealing adverse judicial rulings. Let's be clear.

Britain's government has hardly ever supported or defended religious freedom. Britain's people have defended freedom of conscience. And once again, they are.

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