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George Orwell - too leftwing for the BEEB?


Apparently the BBC has declined to put up a statue of George Orwell on its premises, claiming he is too leftwing. Actually, Orwell remains one of the great witnesses to the truth and one of the great defenders of freedom.

Orwell understood that whether a person was leftwing or rightwing meant nothing. What mattered was whether a person wanted to control your life. If he did, he was a 'pig'. If he succeeded, you became his slave. He or she lived high on the hog, and told you it was for your own good.

"Orwell isn't too left wing for the beeb.

"He's too intelligent: His devastating attack on socialism that is 1984 and Animal Farm makes him a threat to all who cry out for a world controlled by a state 'for the good of its people'." -From the comments to the Telegraph report

Orwell took the name George after St George, and Orwell, after the river he loved. He had a deep tenderness for both the people of Britain and for people in other parts of the world - their traditions and contributions and their resilience - particularly their resistance to injustice.

He was a remarkable writer, and understood how language and people are debased with coinage like 'leftwing' and 'rightwing'.

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