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More details on that opening ceremony

For those who haven't read too much already about the glorious cultural mash-up at the London Olympics, here's a pretty good precis from the Telegraph. (Warning, it includes a nonsensical ode to suburban Saturday nights.)

More memorably, Melanie Phillips writes, 'This was the very antithesis of [a] regimented display of synchronised subservience. This was patriotism at its most quirky, shot through with surrealist humour and manic energy'. And, since this is Melanie, you can also read her no-nonsense dispatch of the worst fantasies on display during the ceremony.

That being said, we loved The 'good sport' Queen parachuting into the stadium, the lovely humility of worldwide web inventor Tim Berners-Lee - he looked much more comfortable applauding his audience than being applauded - and the 'bicycle doves' circling and floating translucently into the stadium's dark upper tiers.

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