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Captain Tony Denison - hero and friend to the friendless


Capt Tony Denison, who has died aged 89, served with the SAS and won an MC in Germany in 1945.

In the last weeks of the war in north-west Europe, Tony Denison commanded a jeep reconnaissance patrol on the 8 Corps front in Germany. On April 28, near Ampfelhof, he encountered three anti-tank teams in strong dugout positions in woods. They had surprise on their side, but Denison led his men in an attack and destroyed them all in rapid succession. The fire that he directed against them was so devastating that 500 enemy infantry surrendered. The citation for the award of an immediate MC stated that his action had considerably speeded up the advance of Allied armour to the Elbe.

By then he had fought in the final phase of the North Africa campaign and across Normandy. When he returned to England, he worked in business. In 1991, he founded Crash, (Construction Industry Relief and Assistance for the Single Homeless). He persuaded the owners of vacant office buildings to lend them to charities for the homeless for use as emergency shelters for rough sleepers, those without any other place to lay their head.

Ave atque Vale.

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