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Who will defend Britain?


"The Prime Minister dismissed as 'nonsense' a suggestion from Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, that the European Union should eventually have a single national identity and described as 'nonsense' the idea of loyalty to a common European flag."

PM David Cameron claims he will defend Britain from more aggressive demands for full political and fiscal union. He pledges to keep Britain's flag flying, but how will he do this? Give us a copper-bottomed guarantee?

George Osborne has hinted at a British referendum on Europe, saying any "reshaped" UK relationship with EU would have to be put to British voters for approval, due to a law passed last year by Parliament.

Former Foreign Secretary Lord Owen recently declared that "We must quit the EU and be free of its 'shackles' or face joining a 'single country called Europe". (Thanks to Jim Hodge for the link.)

Lord Owen said that Britain's people should be asked what they want in a referendum.

We do not believe in risking a thousand years of sacrifice for liberty and justice on one, easily fiddled in/out referendum.

The people were grossly lied to on the first vote to take Britain into the Common Market. Why would it be any different this time?

To defend the freedom and solvency of the people of Britain, leaders who truly cared about them would take Britain out of the EU.

It makes us incandescent when we hear BBC commentators supporting a "United States of Europe". The United States Constitution has Britain's "ancient liberties" written into its Bill of Rights. Europe has no concept of habeas corpus, trial by jury, presumption of innocence or freedom of speech. As you know, these rights were created to protect the vulnerable from the powerful, the violent, and the tyrannical.

These rights were not created in the unlikely event that you or anyone you know will commit a crime, but in the historically likely event that if you disagree with the powerful they will abuse justice to deny you your rights. These rights protect us from powerful people with few checks to their power or their abuses. These rights are like the Thames Barrier, which, largely unseen, protects London from being flooded.

Freedom of speech is not part of the EU game plan, and free speech is under attack in Britain today due to a deference to the so-called human right that no one shall ever be offended.

Free speech is crucial to a civilised society. It may not be polite, it may not sound kind, but it is important that people be able to discuss any and every idea in public, in order to reach an understanding of the truth.

There are of course those who do not believe in the truth but only in politically correct opinion. However, when a surgeon is operating on their child or a pilot is flying their plane, you can be pretty sure they believe in an objective truth that guides the hand of the surgeon or pilot.

It seems unlikely to us that the Prime Minister or Chancellor can defend Britain. Only Britain's people can do that. The best way to do that is to vote only for those parliamentary candidates who are committed to restoring the independence of Britain's people.

This does not mean that Britain will not trade with Europe. Trading will continue with Europe and round the world. It means that Britain will not be on the hook for bailing out European banks. It means that the hard-won freedom and prosperity of Britain's people will not be at risk.

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