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"The Queen of Duty"

Couldn't help noticing, when the Prince of Wales said, "Mummy", every rocker behind him looked tickled. A bit me-personal?

It rained on the grand flotilla on the Thames marking the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. How appropriate. It meant that at the center of all the pageantry of the 1,000-boat extravaganza, an 86-year-old woman stood in the elements and waved to her subjects for hours, without betraying a hint of discomfort or complaint.

Queen Elizabeth is a miracle of dutifulness. In an era of irresponsibility, she always does what is expected of her. In an age of self-expression, she has subsumed herself in her institution. In a time of informality and ill manners, she observes all the rules, with grace and dignity. . .

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angela plowman:

I remember well that at the Golden Jubilee concert the Prince of Wales also referred to the Queen as "Mummy" much to eveyone's amusement! The aristocracy do tend to still say "Mummy & Daddy" rather than the more normal,"Mum and Dad." In Victorian times they called parents "Mama and Papa" as those in the Deep South of the US used to and may still to this day....


Most coordinated, best fireworks display I have ever seen.

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