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We learn today that

Industrial production in the 17 countries that use the euro fell unexpectedly in March, leaving little doubt the region contracted. . .and returned to recession. . .

It gives us no pleasure to say this was not unexpected. How could the slow-motion disaster that is the EU be unexpected?

Unexpectedly U.S. growth has declined, despite trillions of dollars going to Obama cronies and campaign contributors. Unexpectedly U.S. unemployment numbers have gone up, despite anti-business policies which have put small businesses under siege. Month after month, year after year, unexpected reality intrudes. We credit Professor Glenn Reynolds for first pointing out this unexpected mental tic in the media and political classes.

In other parts of the world, crime is unexpectedly up after criminals are not sent to prison. People on the dole for decades unexpectedly don't want to work. A decline in birthrates unexpectedly means that old Europeans can't retire because there is no younger generation to pay for their benefits. South American dictatorships unexpectedly nationalize the assets of foreign companies to prop up their regimes, just as they have been doing for decades. Unexpectedly much of the world has turned colder despite the predictions of global warming. Unexpectedly the Arab Spring is followed by stormy weather. . .

Why is every predictable failure a surprise to the great brains and powers of the world?

Because the best-laid plans and predictions continue to slide into the chasm that gapes between reality and ideology?

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