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John Stanley's Trumpet Voluntary

Blinded in an accident when he was a small child, Stanley had a brilliant memory and became a church organist at the age of eleven. He had only to hear a piece once to know it by heart.

Handel used to sit in Temple Church, London, listening to Stanley play the organ and the harpsichord.

Stanley's Trumpet Voluntary (usually played on the organ using the trumpet stop) is exuberantly performed here on an electronic organ. I enjoyed the footage of the organist's skate-shoe clad feet.

Stanley (1712-1786) wrote concertos, cantatas, and oratorios, some of them now lost. He deserves to be better known.

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Thank you for presenting a wonderful performance. It is reassuring to know that talent (beyond any I could hope to have) still exists in the age of Nikes and Levi's.


My late husband had that ability, although not quite as much I think, with the piano. It is indeed a very great gift and I want to thank you for sharing this composer with us.

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