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Obama stiffs Brits on Falklands

British troops dying next to Americans in Afghanistan: what thanks does Britain get? 'Neutrality' on the Falklands.

Obama called the Falklands by the wrong name. He was trying to say Malvinas, but his tongue drifted 8,000 miles away.

This is a president who thought while campaigning that there were 57 US states. (As you know, there are 50.) He has since claimed that there is an Austrian language and a president of Canada. More brutally he has put millions of people out of work with his antiquated financial policies.

But he's awfully smart. He tells everyone is.

Make no mistake, though. He was dead serious about not supporting Britain and the free people of the Falkland islands.

Apologies from myself and many Americans.

Thanks to Instapundit for the link.

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