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"Britain's amazing philanthropy culture" under attack

By the government, of course, which thinks that all money should go to it, really, everything you make, which it might then dole back to you unless it found a better and greater use for it, which you can be guaranteed it would.

New government proposals will make it harder and more costly to give to charity.

Chancellor, George Osborne has authorised the Treasury to pass a new law limiting the amount that can be donated, and counted against tax.

Government cannot bear that your ideas about where to spend your money might be better than its ideas.


What. . .Cameron’s ministers miss is the fact that Britain has an amazing philanthropy culture, which dwarfs that of our European neighbours. The Hudson Institute’s Index of Global Philanthropy, which counts private donations to overseas charities, shows just how generous we are. The average Brit donates four times more than the average German, seven times more than an Italian and nine times as much as a Spaniard.

This has been true for almost two hundred years.

Cameron's avowed "policy was to place trust in the courage and the character of the British people, bowing to their greater collective wisdom."

But what a minister vows, his actions too often disclaim. Once again the politicians have abandoned the greater collective wisdom of Britain's people.

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