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Taking lessons from Canada and the EU

Founded by Britain, Canada is a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy. HM Queen Elizabeth is head of state. Within a federal framework, Canada's ten provinces and three territories have considerable responsibility and power to govern locally.

From The Wall Street Journal -

Not too many years ago, Americans could get away with cracking jokes about spendthrift Canada, its weak dollar and the long wait for MRIs. These days, the joke is on Americans, as Canada's government has cleaned up its fiscal mess and focused on private economic growth.

Here's another teachable moment, from the EU and the continent where fascists, communists, napoleons, czars, inquisitions, emperors, high taxes, bureaucrats, and bloody wars have been wont to make their home -

Shortly before Monday's release of Europe's unemployment figures, the European Commission issued its quarterly "Employment and Social Situation" report, which ventures that "the transition towards a greener economy is expected to have a significant impact on employment." Will it ever: This week German solar-panel maker Q-Cells, with its 2,000 employees, filed for bankruptcy.

With solutions like that, it's no surprise that the EU's unemployment rate is expected to rise to 11% by the end of this year from an already dismal 10.2%, which is up from 9.5% a year ago. . .

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And this November's election will decide whether the US goes with option 1 or option 2.

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