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Regulatory madness

A letter from Ashley Mote to the Telegraph was published, but not before its last line was deleted. The entire letter appears here.


Your leader (9th March) tells us that the government has “ruled out restructuring the [railway] industry to reunite the operators with the track”. You omitted to mention why. The EU does not permit such a re-merger. In fact, the de-merger was forced on us by EU Directive 91/440 in the first place.

We did not elect a sovereign government in 2010. It is merely a puppet of Brussels.

Ashley Mote

Regulations can overwhelm the economy and the sensible people trying to conduct business. Many people have argued that too many regulations are strangling Britain.

The modern rage for regulation is a little mad, isn't it?

That the politicians refuse to throw off the EU shackle is maddening.

Kudos to Ashley Mote for knowing the sad regulatory record, and for defending our independence.

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