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Nelson's Pub


32 Horatio Street

Roksanda Ilincic is from Serbia. She now lives in London and is readying her collection for London Fashion Week, which is just weeks away. The WSJ reports:

How do you start your weekend?

My big goal is to go to a pub called Nelsons Head in Shoreditch. I live in Islington, so it's quite close to my work. Every Friday, my friend Lulu Kennedy from Fashion East gathers all of our friends [in the fashion industry]. Tonight, I am determined to go there after work and enjoy the moment and have fun.

What's the place like?

Nelsons Head is quite a famous pub near the Columbia Road flower market. It is usually where lots of creative people from the fashion industry end up going to.... What makes it so special is that it is really low key, beautiful, and like a little welcoming hidden place. Apart from being very reasonably priced, I also love the interior...with its quirky paintings. They aren't particularly high art, but they all add to the atmosphere. They also have lovely china pots and bottles.... It has an incredible jukebox; you put your little coins in and decide to be a DJ for the night. There's always quite a lot of Beyoncé, Destiny's Child, etc. I don't go as often as I would like to, but every time I go there, I am sure to bump into somebody who's very dear to me.

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