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Britain divided over Scotland's vote to leave


Image: Wikimedia Commons

Scotland has raised the idea of a divorce from Britain for some time now. According to a recent Telegraph poll, a majority of the English now seem to want the Scots to go. But not a majority of the Scots.

Perhaps anyone told their partner wants a divorce is understandably resentful, and says, with intense pain, well, then, go.

Perhaps the English weary of incompetent, self-serving Scottish leaders in Westminster.

Perhaps some English resent higher spending in Scotland, which sees sterling from England supporting Scottish needs.

Perhaps the partner who opts for divorce wants a more attentive spouse and dreams of a less-circumscribed future. The Scots have rejected both the Labour and Tory parties in Scotland. For dreamers, the future always seems rosy since it is not yet the present, not yet reality.

Perhaps, as Peter Hitchens writes, Scottish leader Alex Salmond is an unwitting tool of the EU, which has always intended to break up Britain, has even produced maps showing England in pieces. The real future will be Scotland's vaunted freedom "fed into the Euro-blender".

We want the Scots to stay.

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