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Made in Britain

This morning, at PG Wells in Winchester, a lovely old bookshop, I ducked out of the mild morning, the light shining softly on cathedral and close just beyond, and purchased Made in Britain.

I'll let you know what I think of it tomorrow, for though it's unlikely I can read every one of its 615 pages by then, I think I'll have some interesting things to report.

">Dominic Sandbrook wrote about Made in Britain in the Daily Mail just as 2011 was ending:

Almost ten years ago, a survey was launched to find the most significant individuals in our nation’s proud history. More than a million people took part, and, not surprisingly, the winner was Sir Winston Churchill, unquestionably the greatest statesman of the last century.

Yet for one observer, who had served in the British Army before working in the City, the results of the Great Britons poll were deeply depressing.

Appalled that Princess Diana had somehow finished third, John Lennon seventh and the actor Michael Crawford in 17th place, Adrian Sykes decided to write a book celebrating the men and women who had really contributed to Britain’s glittering past.

Not even Mr Sykes, however, could have imagined how successful his enterprise would be. The result, Made In Britain, has not only attracted rave reviews from historians, it even has an endorsement from the most influential reader of all, the Prime Minister.

Asked what books were on his bedside table, David Cameron replied: ‘I’m reading something called Made In Britain. It’s a very nice, rather old-fashioned history book about the great figures and inventions of British history. . .

Sykes has described heroes, inventors, and artists, many of them also described on this website, and has written up politicians and social figures. If my excursion through the pages this morning is any guide, his book is full of fascinating facts. He has published his illustrated book with the help of his friend Richard Raynsford, his publisher Adelphi, and the generous support of Rothschild Wealth Managment.

I'll tell you tomorrow what I think. We are glad to see a book which shows that Britain has a wealth of amazing people and achievements.

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