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House Tales

The Telegraph has a property piece on houses which makes me want to visit:


Image: Peffermill House

'With a thick armour of ivy clinging to its ancient stone fa?ade and its fairy-tale tower, Peffermill House, just to the south of Edinburgh, looks almost too enchanting to be real. The beauty of the house, which was built in 1636, certainly ensnared Sir Walter Scott' while he was working on Midlothian.


Image: Winterbourne House

'I have taken the most delightful and beautiful house — cool, airy, private bathing, everything delicious,” Dickens wrote of Winterbourne House, with its views of the Channel from the Isle of Wight. 'I think it is the prettiest place I ever saw in my life at home or abroad.' He is said to have worked on David Copperfield while here.


Image: Shakespeare House, Grendon Underwood

There is a house associated with Shakespeare in Grendon Underwood. It was once the Ship Inn, and the London News of 1847 claimed that Shakespeare 'would take a pit stop there' while travelling from London to Stratford. 'Local legend has it that one night he found there were no rooms available and was forced to sleep in the porch of the village church, where he ran foul of the village policeman. And thus was born the character of the bumbling officer Dogberry in Much Ado About Nothing.' If so, a most fortuitous meeting, with Dogberry bestowing all his 'tedious' riches on us.

Britain has many romantic and charming houses, and many of those houses have tales. . .

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