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Science is a delight

From the Telegraph:

"Are you ready to go wild about photosynthesis?” asks Robin Ince, a 42-year-old comedian, storming on to a Manchester stage more used to hosting rock concerts. The near-capacity crowd of 3,000 – including families, students and at least one person wearing a “Particle physics gives me a hadron” T shirt – duly start whooping and shouting.

Over the next three and a half hours they’re treated to an eclectic smorgasbord of entertainment, including numerous maths jokes; a lecture about statistical bias in the pharmaceutical industry; a song about cryogenic freezing; a tribute to the Apollo space missions and a slideshow about the origins of the universe. The evening is rounded off by an Australian comedian singing about Christmas, accompanied on the piano by a Fellow of the Royal Society.

It should be an absolute car crash. . .

But it's not. They're touring England. I'm happy so many people are interested in science. There's no reason it can't be amusing as well as inspiring and challenging.

We think of the boundless curiosity of the Royal Society's founders and their exuberance and how much of science has been engaged in 'the relief of man's estate' - the rebuilding of London, clean water, warm houses, the exploration of the New World, the development of disease-resistant wheat. . .

We'd like to laugh with delight. We are very grateful.

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