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Jane Austen and PD James in Death Comes to Pemberley

From the review of the new PD James mystery:

The Darcys, now parents of two young sons, have settled into a life of happiness as master and mistress of Pemberley, the Darcy estate. But a gathering Napoleonic storm threatens peace on the Continent and possibly even the Darcys' own enclave. As Elizabeth reflects: "Here we sit at the beginning of a new century, citizens of the most civilised country in Europe, surrounded by the splendour of its craftsmanship, its art and the books which enshrine its literature, while outside there is another world which wealth and education and privilege can keep from us, a world in which men are as violent and destructive as is the animal world. Perhaps even the most fortunate of us will not be able to ignore it and keep it at bay for ever."

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