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Meryl Streep's intelligence, and Margaret Thatcher's incredible personality

Christina Odone:

It looks as if Streep's intelligence, and Thatcher's incredible personality, have enabled even this die-hard luvvy to transcend party politics. The movie doesn't open until January, but already the advance notices are glowing: Phyllida Lloyd's film "gets" Thatcher. Streep admits she was won over by the strength of character the former Prime Minister has manifested all her life:


Image: The Margaret Thatcher Foundation

'You miss her clarity today. It was all very clear and up front, and I loved that eagerness to mix it up and to make it about ideas… You want people who are willing to find a solution. I admire the fact that she was a “love-me-or-hate-me” kind of leader who said: “This is what I stand for.” It’s a hard thing to do and no one’s doing that now…'

Damian Jones: "She is bloody-minded British. I think there are traits in her that, whatever your politics, people acknowledge as being part of our national character."

Margaret Thatcher cared passionately about Britain. No one could ever buy her. She never thought her own wellbeing was more important than Britain's.

Yes, we miss her clarity and conviction. She reminds us of Elizabeth I.

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