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The long view of the British economy

When I hear hysterical report every week that the British economy is in desperate straits, I remind myself that 'There's a great deal of ruin in a nation' (Adam Smith). Not necessarily the most hopeful mantra if you confidently expect the worst of bungling politiicans!

Matthew Oakley agrees that we need to take a long term view -

In the coming months my think tank will issue a series of publications aimed at doing just that, outlining plans for long-term structural reforms to put the U.K. back on a path to sustainable and balanced growth. Such far-ranging policies will also boost business confidence, doing more for short-term hiring and investment than the widely touted short-term stimuli and corporate giveaways that ultimately destabilize our economy as much as they benefit any given business.

Common sense and some perspective are always a better basis for policy making than preliminary quarterly data.

Clearly Matthew believes long-term improvements can be made, and the political will can be found to enact common sense solutions. For many Brits, who would like to raise their children, dig in their gardens, read a book, cook a good meal, ring church bells, play golf or tennis or take a long walk, sing in a choir, and raise money for one of the thousands of community help organisations supported nationwide, that would be a welcome thing.

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