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The mutiny spreads as MPs call for referendum on the EU

">We hope.

Cameron aides may quit to join rebellion on EU referendum
Downing Street is warned that five ministerial aides could quit if a three-line whip is imposed
Ed Miliband will order Labour MPs to oppose vote, but Labour face divisions too as a senior MP vows to defy the order

Perhaps a few MPs will resist the pressure of the whips. All the fine leaders who promised a referendum - that would be Cameron and Clegg - Miliband is too wet behind the ears to have promised much yet - are reneging.

Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson looks to be standing in the gap in the hedge: 'I will vote in favour of the motion and in so doing, I will very likely relinquish my position [as a government minister]. . .this is a question of putting country and constituency first'.

By the way, how do you like the wording of the proposed referendum - would you like to stay married to the EU or divorce or try some sort counseling which keeps Britain on the hook or go out for curry? Geez.

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