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The Archbishop goes to Zimbabwe


Image: The BBC

In the past, I've been appalled by some of the comments made by Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury. Further I wasn't sure that anyone should willingly talk with the monstrous Mugabe, and I wondered at the wisdom of the Archbishop's trip to Zimbabwe.

But it seems he may have done a good thing by bearding Mugabe in his den. The Archbishop handed Mugabe a file which lists the abuse he and his thugs have wreaked on thousands of people.

The Archbishop, the head of the 77-million worldwide Anglican Communion, was joined by the archbishops of Central Africa, Southern Africa and Tanzania at the meeting.

In a joint media conference afterwards, the Church leaders said Anglican congregations in Zimbabwe had suffered "serious harassment and violence" at the hands of illicit factions and the police since 2007.

"They've been intimidated, their churches have been closed, properties including schools, clinics and orphanages have been seized," they said in a statement.

"We want strongly and unequivocally to support the efforts of ordinary Anglicans here to worship in peace and to minister - as they have done for so many years - to the urgent spiritual and material needs of their communities."

They held Mugabe accountable.

The Archbishop then held several services for persecuted Christians. In his sermons, he pointedly criticised the "lawlessness" that characterised Zimbabwe, and urged the oppressors to end their oppression.

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