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A tapestry of life

At lunch yesterday, the sun appeared, making a tapestry of distant autumn views, and enthralling the two men visiting us.

Their lives, as glimpsed in recollection, were the fascinating tapestry we saw:

Beginning an engineering and construction business in a tent in a field; building it into a great and prosperous firm operating in sixteen countries on "first principles"; sharing profits with employees - morally right but also a good incentive; one gentleman leaving the firm to do missionary work with family in Borneo for five years - an experience of such friendship that the people of Borneo welcome the family's return decades later; and then, alas, handing the company to a new CEO, one of those smart young men educated at Harvard who drove the firm right into the ground. This catastrophe, however, in the way of stoic gentlemen, was not dwelt on. (We observe that in recent years the US has been royally smashed by Harvard-and Yale-educated men.)

The good which was done all those years, was done. Even disaster cannot change that. And so the rich tapestry of life.

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