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It was touching; it was magnificent

It was very touching to hear prayers for the families of 9-11 and for America in two English churches today. Judi Dench and HRH the Prince of Wales attended a memorial in London, and there was a service at St Paul's.

Sixty-seven Brits lost their lives on 9-11.

Trying to hold people accountable for their actions - a fundamental principle of civilization for without it you don't have a civilization - Britain went to war to support America in the removal of the Afghanistan Taliban, which had harboured the violent Islamist murderers of innocent civilians.

Subsequently, the response to 9-11 included war in Iraq, and this seemed very dubiously justified.

We want people to be free. Historically, people have had to free themselves. When they do, they become strong enough to govern themselves.

Tragically the balance of power between the oppressed and the oppressor has tipped to the oppressor. Bows and arrows, guns and cannon have given way to modern military weapons of ghastly and overwhelming effectiveness.

As yet, there seems to be no conclusive way forward, and we can only pray that "truth beareth away the victory".


Thanks to an Instapundit link.

Flight 93 was heading toward the US Capitol. The only part of the American national security establishment that successfully defended America on 9/11 was the portion of the reserve militia on board Flight 93, acting without orders, without hierarchy, without uniforms or weapons, by spontaneous organization and action. . . ."

They stopped the plane.

“Bottom-up, inductive, spontaneous self-organization is the essence of America."

It once was, and in many ways still is, the essence of Britain. (See our book on the growth of freedom and the free economy.) It is what a nanny state tries to destroy.

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