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In slight defence of the British economist Keynes

The dead economist is currently earning obloquy due to economically ignorant Democrats. (Apologies should you detect a redundancy.) Whalen suggests that "ONE REASON WHY THOSE KEYNESIAN STIMULI AREN’T WORKING: They’re Not Keynesian. “Whalen isn’t simply dumping on Keynesianism, he’s bent on pointing out that even its latter-day adherents are straying far from their master’s theory. And in this, he’s surely correct. As Allen Meltzer has argued, Keynes was against the very sort of large structural deficits that characterize contemporary federal budgets and policy, believing instead that deficits should be ‘temporary and self-liquidating.’ And Keynes believed that any sort of counter-cyclical spending by government should be directed toward increasing private investment, not simply spending current and future tax dollars on public works projects."

I feel better now.

Thanks to Instapundit for the link.

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