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This is how global warming feels

Britain experiences coolest summer in 20 years.

Last week I sat out with friends in the garden until salmon-coloured clouds appeared and darkness fell and we felt comfortable with the addition of a light sweater and shawl.

On Sunday I joined friends for lunch in their garden, and we had to put up a sun umbrella and deck ourselves in hats. Coming from Italy, you might not have called the weather hot. Just perfect.

As we've been keeping you posted on the faux global warming crisis since 2008, I'll mention that the Sun's stealthy contribution to climate has been unearthed once again, and is being buried.


Warmth in July on the Itchen Navigation.

Our suggestion?

Britain's coldest summer in 20 years and recently released research from CERN suggest we are not facing man-made global warming.

Even during a cool summer, we have had some lovely days in England.

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