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Cowes Week and "the wind all over the place"


Photo: Rick Tomlinson / Cowes

We've seen indiscipline on the streets. Indiscipline at Cowes is another kettle of fish. From The Independent on Tuesday:

The X factor hit Cowes fair and square between the eyes today as most of a fleet of 145 entered in a glorious celebration of their centenary year descended on the Royal Yacht Squadron start line.

For the first three days of Aberdeen Cowes Week the 21-foot X One Designs, designed by Alfred Westmacott in 1911, had either been banished to a part of the Solent where they could do less damage, or were pinned ashore by winds considered a bit too strong for such venerable day racing boats, or perhaps their venerable owners.

Then the north Solent marauders swooped down to the watching crowds on the island shore. As the eager ones bulged in a scramble for the best position, the race officer, in confident stentorian tone, announced they were all clear. No-one had made a premature start. Mmm. The results showed quite a lot of percentage time penalties, seen as the only way to regulate such a large number of boats in a class notorious for being recalled for general indiscipline.


Photo: Ian Roman/TEAMORIGIN / Cowes

Cowes Week has been a central part of the United Kingdom's sporting summer season since 1826. With up to 40 races a day for around 1000 boats it is the largest and most famous sailing regatta in the world.

They are back on Wednesday and again on Thursday when Princess Anne, president in succession to her father of the Royal Yachting Association and, like him, a genuine lover of sailing, will officiate at the start.

The big boys also came out to play, including the American George David with his 100-foot Rambler, recent winner of the transatlantic race and ambitious contender for a new Rolex Fastnet Race record next Sunday. . .

The Britannia Cup has already been won by a crew half Brit and half South African.

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