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The perfect description of a politician -- by a politician

im Hodge wrote us:

"THE Prime Minister yesterday resorted to fighting talk in his simmering dispute with military top brass over deepening defence cuts.

". . .Serving and retired senior officers have been warning for weeks of overstretch due to cutbacks ordered by the Government while Britain is fighting in Afghanistan and Libya.

"But [the day before] yesterday Mr Cameron said: “There are moments when I wake up, read the newspapers and think, ‘Well look, you do the fighting and I’ll do the talking’".

Does this lead to to the conclusion that Obama and Cameron are brothers under the skin? What a marvelous description of how to be a politician!

If he's so good at talking, perhaps Mr Cameron will tell us why he's bailing out the European Union instead of supporting the men and women of Britain's Armed Forces.

Jim says he learned about the story from Guido Fawkes. It's appeared many other places as well.

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