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The eurozone on the verge of collapse

David Cameron has just promised to fight 'very hard' in Brussels to ensure that British taxpayers do not shoulder the cost of European bailout of Greece. Based on previous British retreats in Brussels, you may have your doubts.

It's a terrible thing when a PM's promise means little. Who could forget David Cameron's "cast-iron" promise to the British people that they would be able to vote on leaving the EU. He kept that promise, didn't he?

We write about the EU because it sucks so much money from Britain. That money could be spent on the NHS or schools or the Armed Forces or old-age pensions, but since billions and billions of pounds have already been sent to Brussels and more is heading that way. . .British services have to be cut. This is not something which you will hear discussed on the BBC, and you will have to decide why that is.

Annoyingly, perhaps, the collapsing eurozone is discussed in America.

Link thanks to Instapundit.

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