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Swan's lightbulb and yours

Physicist Joseph Swan was eclipsed by Thomas Edison in the lightbulb and public relations departments. American Edison takes the credit for the first lightbulb, but Swan received the first patent for an incandescent lightbulb in 1878, and his house was the first in the world to be lit by a lightbulb. Edison based his lightbulb on Swan's. Indifferent to glory, Swan let Edison do what he liked in America.

We have all benefitted from the lightbulb. Now, however, the EU and the US Congress have issued a "light bulb directive" to save the world. You will have to leave the lovely, luminous light of the lightbulb for the low energy substitutes which fail to illuminate, though surely illumination is the first task of a light?

You could stock up on the increasingly rare and expensive lightbulb. Whether it's spelled as two words or one, there is only one lightbulb to see by.

We have high hopes that a collective lightbulb will go off in American and British heads.

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I buy incandescent light bulbs whenever I get a chance. I have enough to last me 5-6 years by now.

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