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Tragic and astonishing, War Horse wins five Tony awards


Image: Graeme Robertson

"War Horse has won five prizes including best play at the Tony Awards. Briton Mark Rylance won the top acting award for Jerusalem."

Michael Morpurgo's children's story of a boy trying to find his horse on the battlefields of World War One left some critics unimpressed, and moved audiences to tears. The Handspring Puppet Company created completely natural, magical and heartbreaking horses.

Michael Billington of the Guardian wrote, "The joy of the evening, however, lies in the skilled recreation of equine life and in its unshaken belief that mankind is ennobled by its love of the horse."

The author, who is the son of the actor Tony Van Bridge, is another amazing Brit. Born in St Albans in 1943, he and his wife have established Farms for City Children so urban children can spend a week in the countryside. So far, 85,000 children have.

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We have a similar program in the US. I bellieve it's called the Fresh Air Fund. It must go back quite a bit, because my mother spent a week on a farm as a child and loved living in the country for the rest of her life.

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