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Support science

The brilliant history of British science - theoretical and applied science with thousands of terrific inventions - appears in our Science Timeline.

Now Hugh Jones has written urging support for applied science. My co-editor asked what the role of government is in a post yesterday. Perhaps it's support for applied science. We'd like to see it happen somehow.

Three recommendations from Hugh -

. . .3. Make substantial funds available for the restructuring of British based applied research in every branch of science and technology and stick with that policy through thick and thin.

4. Explore and then encourage the re-establishing of applied research centres relating to industry and be big with the money and don't cut it off in midstream AGAIN! Remember there are plenty of jobs for the best elsewhere and good people see an international market for their capabilities. Recall the deaths of AEI, Mullard Labs CEGB labs and so on.

5. You real competitor now is China - and they are not only good they are brilliant - keep your second rate flat bottoms under control - applied science does not need them - it needs inspired first class people who do difficult things for the challenge - but they don't want administrive crud gumming up the works.

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