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Dumfries House restored and more


Image: Freelancer
The garden looks pleasantly relaxed in this pre-restoration photo.

More than the restoration of a house has occurred, as the Prince of Wales explains -

"Saving a property of this size and stature is no easy task. Our aim was simple enough: to make Dumfries House accessible to the public and to conserve it for the nation. But right up to the moment the deal was signed, the ending was in considerable doubt. At one stage, lorries full of Chippendale furniture were heading to auction in London, only to be called back in the middle of the night."

. . .From the start, my intention has been twofold. First, to allow visitors to enjoy the beauty of the house. And second, to use the project as a catalyst for regeneration – what I call heritage-led regeneration. My Regeneration Trust managed something similar at Sowerby Bridge near Halifax and Anchor Mills in Paisley, and I knew that, with a little imagination, Dumfries House could be a real asset to this community, struggling economically (and in many other ways) since the closure of the mines."

-The Prince of Wales

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