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The RHS Chelsea Flower Show speaks to gardeners

Chelsea has sold out. Open from May 24th to May 28th, at the Royal Hospital, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show is the place to see beautifully grown plants and intensely designed gardens. Famous people also wander about. The gardens may prove inspiring or persuade you that your own little patch of garden is just fine since, thank heaven, it is devoid of any metal sculptures or concrete waterfalls.

Chelsea is a cornucopia of the eccentric, for instance, it is possible to buy a latticework bronze sphere, larger than many healthy bushes, which resembles a gigantic Christmas tree ornament fallen on the grass.

There are unforgettable gardens at Chelsea, but once the show has ended it is sometimes difficult to remember them. However, many people liked this Wildlife Trusts Gateway Garden, by Stephen Hall, which appeared at Chelsea in 2004.


Image: The Garden and Landscape Guide

Imagine all of Chelsea as one garden. Or, even better, and this was an idea offered by a friend -- see the entire kingdom of England as one wildly various garden. . .

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