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For the people of Wootton Bassett

In February, a tree was planted as a tribute to the "generous spirit" of the people of Wootton Bassett.

The English oak was planted in the grounds of St Bartholomew and All Saints Church.

It is a tribute to residents who have stood in silence as fallen troops have journeyed through the town since 2007.

The Wiltshire Tree People, an organisation that works towards the conservation, planting and appreciation of trees, provided the oak.


Wootton Bassett: The face of British grief
Image: Herald Scotland

Last night we watched a film tribute to the people of Wootton Bassett and to the fallen soldiers who made their last journey through the town. Old soldiers, bikers, school children, shopkeepers, the families of the soldiers and the families of soldiers who have already made the trip gather to stand quietly in silence. . .the church bell tolls and "respect fills the air".

And the heart stands still.

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