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On to the carriages!

Kate is smiling joyfully. William, head often down, releases the spurt of a small private smile. And then, at last, more smiles as they walk down the long, long aisle, followed by miniature flower girls and pages.

They arrive at the entrance and under the pealing of bells and head out to greet the crowds and ride off in their carriage.

All the chaps from the Prince's helicopter unit were invited.

She gets with a little difficulty into the 1902 state landau, and Prince William finally relaxes and starts to wave and smile as the crowds roar. The sounds of hooves and jangling of bridles as they are accompanied by cavalry.

And again, Prince William salutes the cenotaph.

Flags, cheers and into the expanse of Horse Guards, the Prince saluting and Kate smiling joyfully.

The Queen and Duke of Edinburg follow in the Scottish State Coach.

Prince Harry is in an open carriage with page boys and a little flower girl. Pippa, the maid of honour, ditto. They are all heading down Pall Mall, heading to Buckingham Palace.

The crowds and the royals must feel wonderfully buoyed by it all.

The sun has come out as they return to the palace.

And into Buckingham Palace they go.

We await the "prized appearance on the balcony".

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